1. Taking care of infirm, sick, poor, aged men and women.
  2. Caring of destitute, poor, physically handicapped girls.
  3. Care of poor, destitute and needy girls:
    • teaching these girls embroidery/ reading & writing and helping them develop themselves.
    • teaching poor girls tailoring.
  4. Aid to poor brides with personal clothes, utilities, linen, blankets, utensils, etc.. Avoids belittling of the woman, harassment and possible bride-burning.
  5. Counseling and instructions of brides.
  6. Taking care of destitute, sick, poor children.
  7. Crèche for destitute children of poor working mothers.
  8. Medical check-ups for the sick.
  9. Caring of the dying during the day and night.
  10. Feeding of poor students.
  11. Rations for poor families.
  12. Helping poor and needy individuals/ families with medical aid, clothes, food etc.
  13. Aid for homeless families to acquire/ or repair their home.
  14. Aid to needy farmers.
  15. Sponsorship for poor students.
  16. Counseling of individual persons, married couples and families under various types of stress and difficulties.
  17. Hospitalization of the sick and caring for them in the hospital.
  18. Arranging outings for the inmates: picnics, circus, visits to the zoo/ beach, etc.
  19. Entertainment programs within the Home.
  20. Celebration of various festivities.
  21. Care of pregnant mothers.
  22. Care of unwed pregnant mothers.
  23. Post-natal care of babies and mother-child care.
  24. Heart operation of 2.5 year-old baby-girl and post-operative care of this child.
  25. Keeping the vital link with, and support to, the adopting families and children who were adopted.
  26. Foster and work to create a universal family of sisters and brothers among all.
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