1. A Centre for Neurocognitive, Neurobehavioral and Mental Health Rehabilitation. We provide the infrastructure and it will be run by an expert team of one or more Psychiatrists and Specialists in the field.
  2. A Study Class where students can come and study with light and serenity, followed by a snack. Many times home conditions are not good for study.
  3. Getting a car-van for easy movement to the Doctors and market, etc.
  4. Getting a mini-van to take the children, girls, and the aged for outings, besides taking the children to school.
  5. Helping young poor boys to learn driving and empowering them with skills. They will also be absorbed by us to drive our van.
  6. Helping poor women to make cloth bags and sell them. These replace use of plastic bags: an environmental hazard.
  7. Launching of our website: www.Ishaprema-Niketan.org
2011 Ishaprema-Niketan